Payday Loans Vs. Credit Cards

When you need to make a payment or you need cash fast there are a few options that you have. Sometimes the decision comes to a comparison between credit cards or payday loans. While they both have their advantages and their disadvantages, most people will go with the credit cards; not necessarily because it is the best decision, but rather because that is what they are familiar with. In some situations that makes sense, but that is not the case all the time. These are a couple of things that you may not realize when you use one form of obtaining cash instead of the other.

When Credit Cards Make More Sense

Credit cards have the advantage that they allow you to make smaller payments through a longer period of time. The interest rate is usually lower, although it all depends on the rate that you are able to get from payday loans companies and from your credit card. If you need to make a payment, but you will not be able to make larger payments within the next couple of weeks then credit cards make more sense. Credit cards are also great if they give you some sort of bonus for purchases. Do not use credit cards for cash advances however because that can have additional fees.

When Payday Loans Make Sense

Payday loans are perfect those times when you have an unforeseen expense that you cannot afford to pay all at once now. That can be to pay your bills or utilities. It is also great for those that do not want to accumulate long term debt. The payments are made in a couple of weeks, sometimes up to a month. If that is enough time to repay the amount that you requested then you should go with payday loans. That way, in the future your debt will not be as high as it would be if you would have used a credit card. Having a smaller debt in your credit profile will increase your credit score in the future allowing you to make bigger purchases such as real estate or vehicles.

Eight benefits of prepaid cards

One of the best-known advantages of prepaid cards over traditional credit cards is their ability to help with financial management, but there are plenty more, less-known benefits. Here are 8 more reasons why prepaid cards are worth considering:


Efficient Budgeting Tool

If you are struggling to keep your spending under control, a prepaid card may be the solution you need. With prepaid cards, once the money in the account is spent, there is no way for prepaid cardholders to spend more. This makes prepaid cards great for budgeting, and it also makes them a great choice for those who manage finances for other people—they can give access to spending money without worrying that their dependent will exceed what’s available. Continue reading

Auto Title Loans Could Be The Answer To Your Prayers

If you currently have bad credit and are in need of quick cash you might already have the answer to your prayers in your hands. If you currently have the title to your automobile in your hands you could be eligible for a car title loan. This article will explain to you how this can be accomplished.

What Is An Auto Title Loan

An auto title loan is a loan that can be obtained by a person who has bad credit and is willing to use his or her car as collateral. This will allow the borrower to borrow and amount of money that is based on the value of the vehicle being used as collateral.

Auto Title Loans

How Does This Loan Work

The trick to obtaining an auto title loan is that you will need to have the title in your hand showing that you own the vehicle and there is not another loan on it. Your car will need to be paid in full with nothing else owed on it and the title is clear. Once you obtain the auto title loan the debt will be secured and held by the title. If you do not pay the loan back in full the vehicle will be repossessed and will become the property of the lender.

What Is Required

Obtaining an auto title loan is pretty simple as long as you have the title to the vehicle. However some lenders might also do a credit check and will require proof of your income. Not all lenders will do this due to the fact that the automobile is serving as collateral and they are protected against losing the money. Continue reading

All you need to know about Personal Loan

A personal loan refers to debts that individual consumers take. It may also refer to a debt that one takes for personal finances.

Personal loans may range in dimension, size, terms, and conditions. The most common type of loan taken is mortgage which usually is an arrangement in which an individual may borrow money from larger institutions or banks to build a home.

A personal loan is a suitable for making personal finances in situations such as making large purchases in which one makes variable or fixed interest rates. Understanding personal finance is important in that it enables one to manage personal loans this is because there are financial risks involved.

Features of Personal Loans

The interest rate is variable or fixed.
The type of disbursement is usually a lump sum.
The loan amount that one can borrow has a lower limit but the upper limit depends on certain factors your credit score been one of the main factors.
Payment is usually on an installment bases which may vary from weekly bases to monthly bases. It usually involves the principal amount and the accumulated interest.
The loan may be secured or an unsecured loan. Usually, secured loans involve a backing by your investments or properties thus enhancing borrowing of higher amounts.

Personal LoanThere are numerous types of personal loans that one can easily access to make various types of personal finances. These may include scale personal loans among other loans. These are also called unsecured arrangements or bad credits. Such kind of personal loans often charge high interest rates and require a short payment time, which may be two weeks or less than two weeks.

Other kind of personal loans involve personal finances or properties. This is a loan which involves making leasing of the property or buying a property and making payment arrangements. This may include purchase of expensive items such as Television equipment, piece of stereo, cars, and other electronics items. This is referred to as taking a personal loan from a merchant.

Fixed rate personal loans are personal finances that involve arrangements where the interest rates are always the same for the loan until one completes payment for the loan. The person is expected to make payment for the personal loan from the time he or she acquires the loan at a fixed amount until he clearly settles the loan.

On the other hand, variable personal loans are loans that involve changes in the interest rate depending on various factors that may involve credit trouble, balance, or some behaviors that affect credit interests. Usually, if you creditor realizes that you have defaulted the credit obligations can take the collateral that you committed during loan application to recover the part of the loan.

There are other personal loans that involve businesses. Usually, some companies offer loans but then have a privilege of charging high interests for the loans. In this case, the lending institutions charge interests on the remaining balance only. However, this may vary depending on factors such as the amount of loan been borrowed, national interests, as well as the terms set by the lending institution.

Sweep Away Debt Through Targeted PPI Claims

Could you have multiple loans that have payment protection insurance attached? Perhaps. For those of you that are just now tuning into the PPI issue, here’s what you need to know in a nutshell: people were robbed. People had their money taken from them and held for years and years, without any chance of getting it back. Now that the High Court has made a clear decision, there’s a rush to get that money back. There are already trusts and funds set aside to pay that money back to consumers. This is definitely a good thing. The voice of the consumer was heard…to a point. We say “to a point” because you still need to find the courage to claim that money.

Debt is a strong motivator, and many people have it. Don’t think that you can fight the companies that are holding your money? Stop and think about all of the money that’s being held away from you. That’s money that could be taking away your debt. A debt free life is a goal that many of us have. A debt free life allows us to work a little less and have a lot more fun in life. If you’re stuck in debt, then all of your waking hours have to be consumed by debt. All of your time has to be caught up in chipping away at a mountain of debt that never seems to stop growing. If you’re smart, you identified this and you’re going to make sure that you push forward even though you’re afraid.

You want to get the power of a claims company on your side. This might sound scary, because you have to work with another organization and tell them about your situation. That’s okay — they’ve talked to thousands and thousands of people. They can help you out too. You don’t have to be brave at all — you can let them take over and handle everything for you.

There’s something to be said about getting things done in a powerful way. Some people feel that they just can’t figure things like that out, but it’s okay. Take little steps now. PPI claims are handled by companies that have already “been there, done that”. All you need to do is make the phone call and let them know your situation. They will take your case based on a no win no fee basis — which is actually what it sounds like! Good luck!

A PPI Claim Company Can Handle the Burden of Getting Your Money Back

In life, it’s safe to say that every last one of us is carrying a heavy burden. That might be the burden that we choose, but that doesn’t mean that every now and then we need a break. We need a chance to have someone else take care of things for us. We need to take a deep breath and realize that we’re not really as alone in the world as we thought we were.

The truth of the matter is that if you are a victim of the PPI scandal that’s playing out in the press, you need to understand that it’s really not something that you have to walk through alone. It might feel that way, because you might feel that you are truly the only consumer that was ripped yet. Yet thousands upon thousands — if not millions — of UK consumers are right there with you.

It’s time to get help, and it’s high time that you fight back. A PPI claim company can handle the burden of getting your money back. They actually do a few things that really help even the playing field.

First and foremost, they get you in touch with a PPI solicitor that’s working hard for you to get your money back. Since they work on a contingency basis, it’s in their best interest to get as much money back as they possibly can for you. The contingency format means that if they don’t win your case, you don’t owe them any money. However, if they do win your case, then they get a small percentage of what you recover from the compensation process.

That’s something that levels the playing field because you have sharp legal representation on your side. PPI claim companies have jumped on the opportunity to truly help other people, which works in your favor. Make sure that you don’t hesitate, but you look into your options. It’s tempting to assume that you won’t win your case but you really don’t know until you take a proverbial leap of faith to find out.

The solicitor will let you know what your chances are. If there are going to be difficulties, they will let you know. However, most people that file their PPI claim receive their money back. What do you really have to lose in terms of checking it out? Good luck!

Payment Protection Insurance Might Be Useless For You – Fight Back Today

It might not sound like a lot of money at first, but payment protection insurance can cost you a lot more than what you bargained for. Indeed, you may find that the policy you were offered in a rush may not cover you at all — leading to a lot of wasted time, energy, and money. You see, payment protection insurance is supposed to cover your monthly premiums on financial products in case you’re laid off from your job or you end up getting very sick. Unfortunately, these policies traditionally had so many exclusions and regulations that virtually no one qualified for them. The worst part is that some weren’t even aware they were sold PPI that was no good for them, giving them no option to opt out. It was a real mess, but the good news is that it’s not impossible to get your money back.

You just have to focus on getting legal representation. If you only sit and dwell on all of the problems, you will never allow yourself to get any of the solutions. And that would just be a mess, wouldn’t it? Don’t you want to make sure that you can do more than just sit around and wait for something good to happen? Wouldn’t it be better to actually think about what you can honestly do for your life? If you ask us, finding a PPI solicitor is a smart move because they can honestly help you get the attention you need. If you try to go on your own, you may not be able to handle the negotiation or fie the necessary paperwork. It is well known that the legal world can be pretty complicated.

The best news though is that if you take this step, you’re not taking it alone. You are standing strong with thousands upon thousands of people that have taken the steps they need to get their money back. It’s perfectly reasonable to want to get all of the money that you’re owed back to you, along with some interest. What could you have done with that money otherwise?

That’s something to think about. It’s all about restoring your life and fighting bad PPI policies. If you don’t fight for your rights, they’ll just fade away, and who really wants to deal with that? Certainly not us — and we’re pretty sure that you’re in agreement. Good luck and make sure that you check out your legal rights today!